In the Beginning God created…” (Genesis 1:1) With those 5 simple words opens the Story of all Stories, and it all begins with a God who creates. He could have chosen to reveal Himself in any number of ways, but His act of creating is highlighted first. We human beings, created in the image of our Creator, are born creators. To create, in its simplest form, is to bring into existence. He brought forth the time and space continuum out of no prior existing material; we work from pre-existing material. Through skill and wisdom something new is brought forth. For the Christian, our acts of creating imitate His, reflecting that which is true, good and beautiful, virtues all tracing back to their fountainhead, God.

Stories are powerful! They delight, inspire, challenge and move us emotionally. They communicate truth. No matter what theme or genre, we have a worldview that provides a strong foundation for an endless number of stories, ideas, images and themes. Which brings us to movies, one of the premiere art forms in the world, combining visual imagery with spoken word and complementary music. A well made movie is an absolute delight. But this doesn’t happen by accident. Movies that will stand the test of time are the result of skilled craftsmen collaborating around a unified vision of an excellent story.


Paul Munger
Paul Munger is a 15+ year veteran filmmaker with a particular focus on producing, directing and editing feature films. From humble beginnings in educational short films and documentaries to multiple award-winning feature films, Paul has sought to bring excellence and creative vision to the art of storytelling. He has a passion to communicate truth and beauty through impactful stories that families can enjoy together. With that in mind, he founded Watchman Pictures, a North Carolina-based film production & distribution company. Some of his favorite movies include Chariots of Fire, The Incredibles, and October Sky. When he’s not busy crafting stories, Paul enjoys hiking, podcasts, reading anything he can get his hands on, and spending time with his wife Sheilah and their 9 (yes, nine!) children.

Sheilah Munger
Versatile and comfortable as both an actress and director, Sheilah Munger has steadily made her mark in film for the past decade. She's acted in everything from short films like Pain of Death to Academy Award qualifying feature films such as Alone Yet Not Alone (Best Song). In her directorial debut, she led Ben Davies (Courageous) and Kate MacCallum (The Gifted) in a romantic drama slated for release in 2022. She also portrayed the role of Lucy in Princess Cut 2 alongside Kendra Carelli (Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2) as well as helped pen original story ideas and assistant produced the film.

Born in Colorado, Sheilah exhibited from an early age the ability to multitask and creatively solve problems. She leads with confidence and exudes charisma in every area of life. Along with her husband and fellow filmmaker Paul, she co-wrote and produced the original Princess Cut movie which has since spawned two sequels. When she's not directing or producing, she enjoys production design and set dressing and wardrobe as needed. Sheilah resides with her husband and 9 children in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.