An Introduction to Spell to Write and Read
A Blueprint for Language Arts Success


From script to screen, Watchman Pictures crafted this instructional video to help guide Spell to Write and Read users to language arts success.  Replete with encouraging and insightful interviews, step-by-step outlines, and charming graphics/3D animation, this film will put you on the fast track to helping your children read and write.

Product Description:

Trying to decide which is the best reading and spelling program on the market?  Not sure how to get started?  Join Greg Munger as he introduces you to the Spell to Write and Read program and shows you how to get started using SWR. You'll hear from 6 mothers who are using the program, see how their families use the program, hear tips and techniques they employ in the daily instruction, and you'll also enjoy the colorful computer graphics that demonstrate how the phonograms work. In no time at all, you'll be laying the foundation for teaching children to be confident readers.

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