Films Under Development
Title: Courting Love (Working Title)
Genre: Romantic Drama
Logline: A struggling soybean farmer employs unorthodox methods to help his headstrong daughter find love in a rural Carolina town. 
Script: In Pre-Production
Projected Start Date: Fall 2012
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Title: Roseland (Working Title)
Genre: Drama
Logline: An oprhaned young heiress struggles to win over her embittered step family.
Script: Completed
Projected Start Date: Spring 2013
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Title: After Darkness, Light (Working Title)
Genre: Docudrama
Logline: Reforming churchman John Calvin clashes with Catholicism in 16th century Europe as he attempts to apply the sufficiency of Scripture to everyday life.
Script: Completed
Projected Start Date: Fall 2013
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Title: The Long Journey Home (Working Title)
Genre: War
Logline: A courageous youth joins ranks with the Confederate army in a desperate search for his father near the close of the Civil War.
Script: Completed
Projected Start Date: Summer 2014
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Title: Descent (Working Title)
Genre: Action
Logline: A railway man awakens from an accident-induced coma after 19 years and discovers his country has descended into Communism.
Script: In Development
Projected Start Date: Fall 2015
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